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We know what we should do about the poly-crises - climate change, species extinction, ocean acidification, social and ecological injustices, and rising mental health problems. But somehow, we don’t do it. I explore how to use various forms of knowing from fields such as ecology, spirituality, systems science, and psychology, as well as embodied-, embedded-, enactive-, and extended-knowing and how turn it into action.

I think the biggest question to solve is: how to live for a social-ecological just future. I believe the way to do that is through practical philosophy: a habituated practice of action, reflection, and iteration.

I share the best things I learn, science & experienced based. Feel free to reply if you have any thoughts on what you’d like to know more about and what would be interesting for you to read. I’d be happy to chat.

About me

I’m a transformations researcher, author and professor in technology management. My last book is Be More. Need Less. How relationships matter for sustainability (2021). I live in Berlin, Germany, and steward a piece of land in Brandenburg to become a food forest. In the past years I have been working mostly in academia. The most beautiful and interesting question to me is the simple question of how to live while facing climate change, species extinction and inequality. I love merging scientific knowledge with lived experience. I am my own guinea pig and test out ideas in my own life. This lead to various lifestyle experiments, like fasting for 60 days, wearing the same dress every day, or trying to talk to plants.

You can read more about my work and research on my website.


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Jessica Böhme

philosophy & ecology as a lifestyle🧚🌍 // 10+ years of research // professor in technology management & author